Let's Talk : Registration Form

- A Communicative English Course (Certificated) for students, Job aspirants, and Working Professionals



Terms & Conditions :

1. GSI doesn’t guarantee on anybody’s learning of English Speaking. Candidate’s own efforts to keep a pace with the Trainer will only help to learn. Fluent speaking is a continuous process. A candidate needs to be dedicated, and patient for becoming a good communicator.
2. The certificate issued by GSI (at the end of the course) does not, in any way, confirm any job for you.
3. The scheduled days-cum- dates for our classes May sometime clash with any natural calamity (pandemic, or any kind of emergency situation) / strike / any important national celebration or event / any sort of unavoidable circumstances. Those days are not guaranteed against any extra class / Compensatory class. But, certainly, a candidate’s inconvenience / problem will be taken care of by the trainer as well as the institution.
4. By the first class of every month, the monthly fees need to be submitted in the office.
5. Course fees once deposited will not be refunded under any circumstances.
6. The clearance of the total course fees only confirms the receipt of a candidate’s certificate.
7. No any claim/demand of any change of stipulated days and timings will be entertained.
8. Any academic or non-academic decisions related to the LET’S TALK programme lies only on the discretion of the GSI management, and subject to further approval


I have carefully read the Terms & Conditions of the institute, and I agree to them. I hereby acknowledge that all the particulars mentioned above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.